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Changing Demographics and Housing Mobility

  • Over the 10-year period between Wave 1 and Wave 3, 32.0% (241/753) of participants confirmed a change in where they were living, with 167 people moving in the last three years.

  • Of the 167 people who moved between 2014 and 2017, 46 (27.5%) had also reported a change in where they were living between 2011 and 2014.

  • Movement within or to similar settings (lateral moves) were the most frequent moves made (64.7%).

  • At Wave 3, 11.4% (19/167) of participants reported making a more community based move. This was a decrease from 26.7% (32/120) from Wave I to Wave 2.

  • There was an increase in more supported moves at Wave 3, 24.0% (40/167), up from 13.3% (16/120) at Wave 2. Physical health changes were more likely to be reported as the main reason for these moves.

  • A third of participants reported having a key to their own home. Of those who moved to a new residence, only 27.5% (46/167) reported having their own key.

  • The majority of the participants who moved reported being happy following the move.